The development of Saudi Arabia, led by king Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

The development of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and decisions that have proven to be leader of a great and courageous leader, has succeeded development and wide tangible in various areas for the conveniens of the citizen, and this is what we find from within the establisment of giant projects in a short period, including:


Construction Bridges, tunnels and trains to move between cities and especially the Haramain train,

the establisment of king Abdulleh city for Atomic and renewable energy, to meet the needs of the Kingdom of electricity and desalinated water using documented sources to generate electricity and desalinated water production reduces the reliance on hydrocarbon resources.


Development schemes with limited income and conneting new houssing grants, we support the decision of the Ministry of Municipal affairs to halt the sale of al private residential schemes in all regions of the Kingdom, led by the city of jeddah (Arous El Bahr) unless fitted with «infrastructure,» a sanitation, electricity, paving and lighting.

In addition to the development projects in the following fields:

Housing projects:

Housing ministry has succeeded in the implementation large numbers of Housing and Economic Develepment, which has encouraged major companies to begin the creation of small residential cities in different regions of the Kingdom of saudi Arabia, reached more than 50,000 housing units under construction in different parts of the Kingdom.

Medical projects:

Directing the Saudi government by Royal decree, for the establishment number of medical cities, hospitals, primary heath centers, and processing the best international technology and operational departements specialized scientific, and there are a number of projects under implementation.

Transportation projects:

The transportation sector is active in the several areas as airports, railways, highways, tunnels, bridges, to the advancement of development rapid implementation of number large projects under construction for the following sectors (Aviation Authority,the railroad, transportation ),which has attracted companies quality advanced for the implementation of these mega-projects.

Silver Entreprise LLC:

For these reasans, succeded «SEC» in providing logistics solution and attract global companies to the alliance in execution of projects that fit with tis coalition.

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